May 27 2015

Non Surprise

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Men Of Uk has done it again! Their latest film, Man Date, has it all – great story line, great actors, and great sex. Most people have been on at least one blind date in their life. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. However, how many people have gone out on a blind date thinking they were going to meet someone of the opposite sex, but instead have been set up with someone of the same gender? This is what happens in Man Date…

Dato Foland is playing a straight guy on his way to meet his blind date. He is talking to a friend on the phone, telling him that he hopes his date is going to be hot. Dato, holding a pretty bouquet of flowers, arrives at his date’s home and is a bit surprised to see a male, the gorgeous Trace Kendall, answer the door.

dato foland
When Dato asks, “Is she ready yet?”, Trace knows that someone has failed to tell Dato who his blind date was with. Trace, ever the super stud gay man, is not about to let this handsome male specimen get away from him. Dato expects a romantic date and Trace is determined to give him one. He invites Dato into his home.

Dato gives Trace a total look-over before saying, “I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I kind of thought you’d be more female.” Trace appears to stumble and spills a cup of coffee all down Dato’s crotch. Ah, too bad! Now the straight guy must take a shower to clean off the sticky mess.

Trace hangs around for a while to watch his date take a shower, then relaxes in the bedroom. Dato joins him and is about to get dressed when Trace moves in for the seduction. He removes his own clothes and soon these two gorgeous hunks are standing naked facing each other. Shy, but curious, our straight guy Dato asks, “You won’t tell anyone, will you?” When Trace shakes his head Dato decides to give his date a blow job. For a straight guy, he does a great job!

The rest of the hardcore sex is so fantastic that you have to watch the film and see it yourself. paired two super hot dudes in a film that ranks up there with the best of hardcore films. Watch Man Date and see if this movie lives up to the hype.

Feb 04 2015

Howl Part 3

We have already seen the first two parts of this new series from Drill My Hole, and here we have part three. They have been releasing this around Halloween time, and that fits nicely with the theme: hardcore sex, of course, hunky guys, of course, but in this series, ‘Howl’, there is a further twist. The guys are being initiated into a pack of werewolf type men by Paddy O’Brian the self-styled leader of the pack. The men he finds and initiates are drawn from the best of the stables and the hardcore is, as usual, well filmed and well played out. We’ve already seen two sessions and with this third we find three guys going out on their own.
Colby Keller was the first victim and so he’s carrying the lead in this scene, Paddy O’Brian is taking a break, and Colby is teamed up with Dato Foland who we have seen a lot of recently, and Logan Moore who we have not seen before. At least we have not seen him on DMH before, and this is his first video for them. He’s a black haired, back eyed bottom guy and he is so new to the scene that his profile in the site had not even been completed. But I can tell you he looks fit, toned and good enough to eat.

And it’s Logan Moore who starts this scene off. He’s at his cabin in the woods with a radio and, as he searches for a signal, he hears a strange animal noise out there in the forest. He investigates further, cautiously, and tension builds with strange sounds, music and great filming. He finds himself drawn to a certain place where he finds two sexy hunks waiting for him; Colby Keller and Dato Foland. A brief exchange of words and Logan is in their trap, and Colby is advancing. What makes this scene different from the others and different from a lot of hardcore scene we’ve seen, is the sound at this point. There’s nothing but the sounds of the forest for a while as the guys sniff each other, lick each other and act like strange, immortal creatures in the forest.

But the sounds of gasps and pleasure soon start up as Colby Keller and Dato Foland get their impressive dicks out and Logan is down on his knees seeing to their keen cocks. Our two already-turned beasts start kissing and fondling each other as Logan Moore between them starts sucking cocks, one after the other. The three guys get naked, one at a time until we have the sight of their smooth, only slightly-hairy, men wild in the woods, being natural, exploring each other’s bodies and then, bit by bit, moving things up a notch with some ass play.

And that ass play leads to spit-roasting in due course; there’s plenty of time to savour the scene before the real hardcore starts, and still we’re only hearing natural sounds from around the threesome as things progress. There’s a great moment here that is held for a long while, where Colby Keller is fucking the new boy, Logan Moore, and at the same time, Dato Foland is beamish him sucking his cock, so Logan is getting double the pleasure. Then the two ‘wolves’ swap around and Logan gets fucked while sucking cock in a true spit-roast. In fact, he plays out just about every possible position as things build towards the climax, and that is a real cum-splasher as the guys cum in his face and Logan cums over himself. And then? Well, then there’s a mild cliff-hanger which leads us towards part four…

Dec 03 2014

Hard Relation

When you think of your perfect porn god you probably think of someone like Christopher Daniels. Six foot one, 195 pounds, a blue eyed, blond haired, Taurus with an eight inch cut cock. Or, if you like your men darker, you might think of someone like Dato Foland. Five eight, 178 pounds, green eyes, black hair and a Libra with a seven and a half inch uncut cock. And, if you really like your porn to be world class, well made and presented in high definition, then you probably think of a site like Gods Of Men.

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Well, today’s good news is that Gods Of Men have just released a new scene starring Christopher Daniels and Dato Foland together. It’s called Hard Relation and it starts with Christopher on the phone doing a bit of business. But this is a scene that is really about making up. Something’s happened between the two guys and there’s a really intimate, well-filmed start-up to the main body of the scene. Two studly guys tenderly kissing, close-ups of manly stubble, soft lips, hard muscles; someone knows how to direct a good film, that’s for sure.

It’s such a classic piece of filming (and acting) that it almost seems wrong to go and tell you about the hard sex that follows, but I know you want to know. So: Well, it starts with Christopher Daniels sucking Dato’s dick, and getting it up to its full length and making it really hard. There’s also a nice amount of tight ball licking, and Dato shows us his muscled, toned chest as he starts to strip down. Christopher also strips down and starts rimming Dato’s ass; more close ups and more great filming get you right in there too.

And then, around eight minutes in, Dato Foland gets fucked. Christopher slides his rigid cock into the well-lubed ass nice and slowly at first, feeling the heat swallow his cock as he pushes in deeper and deeper. It’s a good fit and before long he’s starting to glide it back and forth gently, clutching hold of Dato around his middle, then leaning back and using that ass for his own pleasure. But all’s fair in love and war and the guys swap over. Dato Foland then tops Christopher Daniels, and the guys try out all kinds of positions right there in the hallway. Dark on light, light on dark, it all builds with manly grunts and groans as these two porn gods fuck their brains out until Dato busts his nuts all over Christopher’s back. Christopher brings himself off while rimming out Dato’s ass and finally cums on his hairy chest.

So, like I said, if you like your porn stars to be gods, then you need to catch this stunning scene from Christopher Daniels and Dato Foland over at Gods Of Men.

Mar 14 2014

Abraham Al Malek and Dato Foland at the gay office

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Featuring uncut top Dato Foland and newcomer Abraham All Malek, Hotel X (part 2) is the second instalment in the Hotel X series from The Gay Office. That site is part of the collection, and when you join it you get to access all nine sites in the network. OK, that’s the deal, here’s the story:

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Actually it’s a simple story: our two hunks are being spied on. They’re in the hotel, and as the scene starts they are already making out, kissing passionately and exploring each other’s bodies through their clothes with their hands. These guys are muscled and tough and the heat of this scene comes from the sensitive way in which they feel each other up and start to strip down, while all the time the voyeur is peeping in. The scene is so naturally filmed that you too will feel like a voyeur, it’s almost like being in the room with the guys as their dicks start to get hard and their hands move down between their legs.

After four slow, sensuous, sexy minutes, Abraham has Dato’s cock out, strong and hard, and his bearded mouth is all around it, taking his full uncut length. Before long Dato is working on Abe’s hard shaft, also cut and meaty, and the sounds of soft whispers start to turn to louder gasps of pleasure. Abraham’s nuts are so full at this point they look like they are going to explode there and then, but he controls himself while he eats out Dato’s ass, rims his tight hole and wets up his crack ready for some anal fun. And all the time, our voyeur is looking on through his peep hole.

Our two guys start to fuck and it’s strong, powerful, manly and hard with Dato on his knees and Abraham pumping him rhythmically from behind. They make it onto the bed with great longshots of Dato straddling that dick, nice close-ups and all the time the crescendo of sound as two hard guys make out. And then they swap around and Dato gets to enjoy Abraham’s hole as the bearded guys jerks his own meat and finally releases all that pent up jizz that’s been bulging his balls out. Dato brings himself off shooting a great spurt of cum that lands in Abraham’s beard, the rest splattering onto his hairy stomach, and the scene fades out with a view through the peep hole showing the two studs tenderly kissing. There’s only one thing left to do: check into Hotel X as soon as possible.

Mar 10 2014

Dato Foland fucking hot pornstar Paddy O’Brian

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Fancy a hot porn movie with a bit of a story? Well, you get more than just a bit of a story with The End, an on-going apocalyptic saga from and their hardcore anal site Drill My Hole. Here in part one the story starts with three hot hunks, including top UK star Paddy O-Brian, escaping the reddening skies and making it to their bunker where they try to contact the outside world. You’ve got music, acting and HD viewing – even the mobile version was big and clear on my desktop, and most importantly of all, in this part you’ve got Paddy teamed up with heartthrob cock-throb Dato Foland.

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These guys are tough and straight but the war has been going on so long they’ve not had intimacy or sex for ages. With all that macho pent up energy to be released it’s actually nicely surprising to see the sexy part of the scene get under way in a sensitive and tentative manner. There’s a long, slow build up to the reveal of what’s behind those two huge bulges, and this heightens the excitement as you watch, transfixed by the chemistry that oozes from your screen. Dato is hot for some oral and goes down on Paddy’s rock hard seven inches, swallowing it like an experienced cock sucker, before Paddy gets his face right into Dato’s ass.

Dato’s ass is smooth and opens up willingly after some deep rimming from Paddy. He bends him over the sofa and drills him hard and yet almost silently; another thing that adds to the erotic tension in this scene. They then swap around and the cute yet dangerous looking Paddy gets his ass drilled by Dato’s meaty and uncut seven and a half inches. The fucking is deep and passionate, the guys really get into what they are doing, the scene is believable and raunchy and yet there’s this strange almost-silence as they swap around again and Paddy tops Dato once more.

This quiet thrusting builds bit by bit towards the inevitable until both guys are ready to cum. The sit facing each other, staring each other out and jerking their own cocks until all that pent-up macho tension is finally released. Strange to say it but it looks like the end of the world isn’t going to be all bad, not with hunks like this holed up in the bunker.

I happen to know that there are more parts to this on-going futuristic, hardcore, fantasy adventure and that Paddy had made 34 other scenes for the company, all of them available in the network. The future of gay porn isn’t what it used to be!